As Twitchy reported in disbelief, San José police admitted in a statement that they faced a difficult decision as Donald Trump supporters left a campaign rally there and became sitting ducks for a mob of protesters outside who punched them, pelted them with food, hurled objects at police, and burned American flags and Trump hats in the street.

Police feared that if they intervened on behalf of the Trump supporters, any show of force would only further incite the mob. Better, perhaps, to give agitators their space and track down suspects later using video from the event.

San José police have released the names of four who were arrested in connection with the rally, three on felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon. (The Julian Assange lookalike with turquoise hair faces only a misdemeanor charge of refusing to disperse.)

Three of the suspects are 19, and the other is 18.

Police say they have identified other suspects from the Trump rally protests but haven’t specified how many. They urge anyone who was assaulted at the event to get in touch to assist with the filing of charges.