As conservatives and Berners alike brace for an onslaught of headlines and think pieces trying to express in words just how historic Hillary Clinton’s nomination is, Clinton herself is pitching in, using a tweet to dedicate her clinching of the Democratic nomination to “every little girl who dreams big.”

In 2008, Clinton congratulated herself for the millions of cracks she’d managed to put in the nation’s last glass ceiling, but who knew she was doing it for the children and not herself?

We have to admit: that’s an adorable child, and we sincerely wish her every opportunity and remain thankful for the freedoms this country provides. Speaking of children, did we mention that one of Clinton’s first stops after she scrapes Bernie Sanders off her sole is Washington, D.C., where she will address the Planned Parenthood Action Fund?

She’ll then attend a private dinner with supporters who have raised at least a half-million dollars for her campaign.

What do you mean it was always about her? Oh, this?

“Mrs. Clinton, this just arrived for you. It’s from the FBI.”