Breaking news that should surprise no one: The Associated Press is reporting that, by its tally of pledged delegates, Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic Party nomination, one day before a major primary in California that most saw as Bernie Sanders’ last stand.

What Clinton wants, Clinton gets.

It was worth it just to see Hillary Clinton and the word “unequivocal” appear this close to each other, if only this one time. So, if Clinton called off the promised final debate with Sanders since there was nothing in it for her, will she ask her voters to stay home tomorrow since she’s already won?

The superdelegates told the AP they were backing Clinton, and they were unequivocal about it, or so we’ve heard.

It’s bigger than journalism. It’s history in the making.

Crazy timing, huh?


Bernie Sanders find the AP’s rush to judgment unfortunate. Theoretically, superdelegates could change their minds before July 25 (say, if a certain someone were indicted), but if they told an AP reporter off the record that they’d be voting for Clinton, they’re bound to keep their word, right?

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