Here’s a story about schools that doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending, but at least it doesn’t end with a blanket ban on American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo due to the “threat of a potentially violent disturbance.”

Agitators in San José recently proved that it doesn’t matter what you wear — just leaving a Donald Trump rally was reason enough to throw eggs and sucker punch supporters as they left the venue. So one doesn’t have to be on the Trump Train to hand it to a Fresno third-grader who let his school know, “The 1st Amendment says I can wear my hat.”

The Los Angeles Times reported Monday that 9-year-old Logan Autry was told to remove his favorite hat, a “Make America Great Again” cap, because the school both feared for his safety and expressed concern that it could cause “negative emotions.”

Despite the wording of the Los Angeles Times’ own tweet, Superintendent Michael Hanson of the Fresno Unified School District said that Autry wasn’t banned from wearing the hat, only asked to remove it temporarily. In fact, Hanson said he’s “proud” of the school for letting Autry wear the hat for several days before it was deemed an interruption to school operations.

Where would kids get the idea to act like that? From a hat? Or somewhere else …


(Yes, we censored that one.)