There’s precious little coverage of Hillary Clinton’s campaign events today in California. Sure, even though she’s floored by just how many interviews she’s done, Clinton told Jake Tapper that an honest-to-goodness press conference with reporters just might possibly be in the works sometime in the indeterminate future.

Until then, it’s cozy sit-downs with supporters and a couple of cameras to capture the adoration. Bloomberg Politics correspondent Jennifer Epstein is on the campaign trail with Clinton, who held a women’s roundtable Saturday.

The New York Times also had a reporter at the event, so it practically was a press conference, except the press didn’t get to ask questions.

Clinton did tackle some tough ones, though, like what it feels like to be a grandmother.

That is so sweet. Babies are the greatest, unless they’re unwanted in one whole piece, obviously. How is the pancreas forecast today, anyway?

What’s really cruel, though, is the campaign to defund Planned Parenthood, which rakes in a half-billion or so from taxpayers and totally doesn’t sell body parts.