It was almost a full year ago when the Huffington Post declared Donald Trump’s fledgling candidacy a “sideshow” and announced that any future coverage of Trump would be found under HuffPo’s entertainment section.

It was more than a little awkward in December, then, when Arianna Huffington herself penned a lengthy essay explaining why the presumptive GOP nominee was returning to the site’s news page.

Trump’s hair, though, has been a decades-long sideshow that the press just can’t help but comb through again and again and again. On Thursday, the Washington Post published a compilation of its top 100 descriptions of Trump’s distinctive coiffure.

Three days? It’s not our job to judge how others spend their time but … three days?

We’ll leave it to readers to check out the list themselves. Maybe your description made the list. If not, try harder.

If the Washington Post is taking requests, a compilation of the top 100 descriptions of Hillary Clinton’s distinctive cackle could be just as much fun … or would that be sexist? It’s hard to say. Kevin Drum of the liberal magazine Mother Jones took quite a bit of heat for mentioning her peculiar vocal stylings.

Better safe than sexist, that’s our motto. Here are a few approved tweets to assist the Washington Post in kicking off its next list.