Awful indeed.

Protests outside of Donald Trump rallies have produced more arresting images than arrests lately. Some photos capture riot police clashing with demonstrators hurling rocks, while others show individuals caught up in the escalating chaos just by leaving the venue.

Check out the “This is what hate leads to” sign as protesters draw and quarter some Trump signage.

We’re honestly unsure if the Trump supporter taunted and pelted with eggs outside of his San Jose rally Thursday was particularly unlucky, or fortunate not to have been more seriously hurt. Is the media still pushing the narrative that Trump incites violence at his rallies or has that been retired?

Cheetos sounds correct, as it’s a likely reference to Trump’s peculiar orange hue. We’re pretty certain it was more than that that caused a supporter to bleed, though. This is truly disturbing, and all caught on video.

And that doesn’t even include attacks on police and a flag burning here and there.


Here’s more insanity caught on video. Maybe the uniter in chief would consider addressing this, this … okey dokey?