It was bad enough that Fox News reporter James Rosen learned in 2013 that Eric Holder’s Justice Department had seized his parents’ phone records while tracking his calls and movements. Not finished yet, the Obama administration came back to bite him again when he learned recently that his 2013 exchange with Jen Psaki regarding negotiations with Iran had been edited out of State Department footage.

The State Department, when pressed, first explained that the edit was a technological “glitch.” OK, it wasn’t a glitch after all, spokesman John Kirby told reporters Wednesday. Someone had requested that the cuts be made. But who?

On Thursday, State Department spokesman Mark Toner announced that not only did the department not know who ordered the footage altered, but that it had “hit a dead-end in terms of finding out more information,” the Washington Examiner reports.

“Until we find reason to pursue that investigation further, you know, we’re at a dead end,” Toner added.

OK everyone, good work. Case closed. Have a good weekend.