National Review writer David French immediately shot to stardom (and scrutiny) on May 31 when news leaked that French was Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol’s pick to run as an alternative to Donald Trump.

Journalists were appalled to find that French didn’t even have — get this — a Wikipedia page and so couldn’t possibly be taken seriously. He also had practically no Twitter presence, and Google searches for David French pulled up a photo of pro baseball player David Price holding his French bulldog.

French has stepped into the fray, though, launching a shot across the bow of the Trump campaign on Twitter.

If that’s French taking the first punch in Trump’s own house (formerly known as Twitter), it’s a pretty solid one. Did the crowd go wild, or is French talking a bunch of okey dokey?

Run? Some would encourage French to throw in the towel, except that he hasn’t even entered the ring yet.

Support him or not, time is running out:

Here are the requirements for an independent presidential bid in each state


Editor’s note: French’s name leaked on May 31, not March 31. We have corrected the error above.