Many college students left for the summer a week ago or more, but that’s not an option when you’re staging an occupation in order to transform the violent space (to which you voluntarily applied for admission) into a celebratory one for trans folx, womxn of color, and other groups in need of healing.

As Twitchy reported, students began their occupation of Seattle University in May, demanding that the school’s Matteo Ricci College scrap its Eurocentric curriculum, decentralize whiteness, and instead “focus on the evolution of systems of oppression such as racism, capitalism, [and] colonialism.”

Walking around with a target on her back was Dean Jodi Kelly, who reportedly used the n-word in suggesting that a student read comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory’s autobiography, the title of which is simply … the n-word. Kelly has now been sent packing.

Heat Street reports:

Seattle University has apparently caved to the demands of student activists, putting a besieged dean on administrative leave after protestors claimed the liberal-arts curriculum focused too much on classical Western history and philosophy.

“I have taken this action because I believe, based on information that has come forward in over the past several weeks, that successful operations of the college at this time require that she step away from day-to-day management and oversight,” Seattle University’s interim provost wrote in an email announcing the decision.

So, the administration has placed Kelly on leave in order to placate students who have announced to anyone who will listen that their time at Seattle University has been “profoundly damaging and erasing, with lasting effects on our mental and emotional well-being,” on account of their being “ridiculed, traumatized, othered, tokenized and pathologized.”

That’s some fantastic advertising for the school. Here’s a blank check … is it too late to apply for fall semester?

Again, we’ve all learned a valuable lesson.

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