Who didn’t feel pity for Hillary Clinton when she confessed in 2014 that she and her husband left the White House “not only dead broke, but in debt,” not to mention struggling to pay their mortgages and fund daughter Chelsea’s education?

They must have been doing something wrong, seeing as President Obama, speaking on the economy in Elkhart, Ind., Wednesday, made it clear that he is plenty well off and eager to pay more in taxes.

We’ll certainly miss having a policy wonk like President Obama in office who can present a specific economic plan that calls for the rich to pay “a little bit more” in taxes because “they can afford it.”

Obama sounds like he shares a lot of common ground with Donald Trump on that front, although the two-term president who never snapped out of campaign mode once again warned voters against electing Trump to succeed him.

The president might have a point there about the GOP agenda. Conservatives, though certainly not all Republicans, generally support an agenda that lifts the burdens imposed by government so that people can help themselves and each other with a minimum of interference.

Not surprisingly, the president’s trashing of the Republican party came soon after he insisted that “we” have to stop pitting Americans against each other.

Pretty much. He genuinely can’t help himself.

The president’s return to Elkhart, where he held a town hall just 21 days into his first term, was meant to emphasize the economic progress made under his leadership and, in turn, urge voters to stay the course this fall.

Building on the economic progress made on his watch? That would involve running up the national debt how many more trillions of dollars?

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