Vice President Joe “Buy a Shotgun” Biden recently capped off a meeting of governors, mayors, attorneys general and others who gathered at the White House to formulate a strategy to reduce gun violence while upholding the Second Amendment (“whether we like it or not,” Biden clarified).

One expert-free panel discussion was devoted exclusively to smart gun technology, the subject of a recent article in Newsweek.

Though Newsweek’s article covers the government’s push behind smart guns, it makes no mention whatsoever of just what makes a gun “smart” or what technologies are employed. That component of the story is confined to the tweet asking readers to imagine a gun that works like a smartphone.

Obviously not. Does it include GPS tracking? Does it track your usage? Does it require a monthly subscription to operate? Does it try to install firmware updates while you’re using it? How much to upgrade your rounds-per-month plan?

How about a push for more smart gun owners who know where the similarity between guns and cell phones ends?