After the senior spokesman for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday sharply criticized the quality of Donald Trump’s morning press conference, plenty suggested that Clinton might work on the quantity of her own press conferences, noting that it’s been months since her most recent.

Clinton did make herself available to CNN’s Jake Tapper Tuesday afternoon, calling in to “The Lead” to take a few shots at Trump and congratulate herself on just how many press interviews she’s done — a shocking number, even to her.

Just to be clear, Clinton didn’t confess just how unavailable she’s been to the press; rather, she shocked herself just imagining the hundreds of interviews she’s done. The Hill noted that Clinton’s “interviews” include such hard-hitting interrogations as her multiple appearances on “Ellen.”

As far as an honest-to-goodness press conference, Clinton suggested to Tapper that she’d be holding a press conference soon. “I believe that we do and we should answer questions,” she said.

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau seems to be feeling the heat secondhand.

There is one interview that Clinton insists isn’t on her calendar.