What else could possibly be said about the shooting death of Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla, now that Rep. Steve Cohen has posted his musical tribute to the fallen animal?

Well, there’s still plenty of finger pointing to be done by just about everyone except the zoo’s director, Thane Maynard, who held a Memorial Day press conference to justify the killing of the gorilla and to address lingering questions, such as why the gorilla’s handlers didn’t simply tranquilize the animal.

Who’s to blame? Maynard told reporters that he’s “not a big finger-pointer.”

Plenty of critics, such as Piers Morgan, aren’t hesitating to point the finger at the zoo for not fully securing the gorilla enclosure.

The mother of the boy who managed to enter the gorilla enclosure hasn’t done much to endear herself to the public, releasing a statement on behalf of her family saying that “accidents happen.”

Actor Rob Lowe has already taken plenty of heat this holiday weekend for recommending the Benghazi film “13 hours,” so why not wade into a real controversy? To Lowe, both the mother and the zoo director are symptoms of a much deeper disease.

Just as when much of the world suffered a collective meltdown upon the killing of Cecil the lion (Morgan wrote a column fantasizing about the trophy hunter being hunted down, skinned alive, beheaded and mounted on a wall), a few brave souls stepped forward to weigh in on the value of human life.


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