The 2016 Republican presidential campaign turned uglier than could have been imagined when protesters trolled Canadian-born Sen. Ted Cruz at several campaign stops with “Ted Cruz Likes Nickelback” signs.

Donald Trump, however, refuses to let his message be shaped by criticism from other candidates or from the media, and he proudly outed himself Friday night as a huge Billy Joel fan.

Before you do anything rash you’ll regret later, read the rest of this post … and then burn your albums.

Admitting you love Billy Joel’s music is hardly presidential, and it didn’t take long for the media to scramble to fact check Trump’s claim that Joel’s Madison Square Garden shout out was the genuine article. After all, reporters have a running mental list of reliably liberal musical acts to maintain.

Surely enough, Joel’s “endorsement” of Trump was anything but. Joel admitted that Trump’s campaign was “very entertaining” while introducing his song, “The Entertainer.” In fact, he’s been dedicating the number to Trump on a number of stops on his current tour.

How about you listen to it, while we skim the lyrics.

Who had any idea so much hinged on Billy Joel’s endorsement? Fans are relieved beyond measure to learn that Joel was being sarcastic.

It appears that Trump’s tweet has created another rift, this time in the world of classic rock. Could we please have the crack designers for the Clinton campaign whip up a super-scientific Venn diagram showing the intersection of Billy Joel fans and Donald Trump fans?