The White House has seen its fair share of lockdowns over the past few years, and intruders have ranged from a party balloon to an apple core to a homeless veteran with PTSD and 800 rounds of ammunition in his car who made it through the front doors and all the way into the East Room.

The Secret Service demanded a fence built for the 21st century, and several options to beef up the White House border were considered, including an electrified top rail and, yes, a moat. While waiting for a serious upgrade, White House security had to settle for barriers moved a tad further out onto the sidewalk and the addition of some temporary bolt-on spikes.

At last, we have a prototype of the new, much higher, White House fence, reinforced with chain-linked bollards on the far side of the sidewalk. At least the joke “Barrycades” that did double duty keeping veterans from visiting the World War II and Vietnam memorials are gone. What do you think?

It sure did. It’s a good thing President Obama, who declared the country’s borders open to refugees “as long as I’m president,” will have moved out by the time this aberration is finished.

Mexico sure isn’t going to pay for this, no matter who moves in next.

That was considered, but it was determined it would be too difficult to fish intruders out of the water.

We didn’t mention the original poster writes for the New York Times, did we? Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.

Siege mentality? Then a YUGE southern border wall would be OK, since it would reinforce the sense of separation felt by non-citizens, right?


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