A little too much thinkin’ for one day?

Tonight’s sweet dreams are brought to you by Scott Paeth, associate professor of religious studies at DePaul University, who’d tuck in each and every one of you if he could and keep you safe from the boogieman, or even Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos if it came to that.

The story of Black Lives Matter activists at DePaul storming the stage during a campus talk by Yiannopoulos and threatening him with violence while security stood by, watched, and did nothing has been well documented. Even the flimsy excuse of students getting caught up in the moment doesn’t fly days later, and it certainly doesn’t apply to university faculty and administrators days after the fact.

Remarkably, DePaul president Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, who was visiting France while students embarrassed the school before a global audience online, issued a statement comparing DePaul’s students to the soldiers buried at Normandy.

Looking at the rows of white crosses marking the graves of those who died fighting on D-Day, Holtschneider realized that many of the protesters at DePaul bravely stormed the podium to fulfill “similarly noble goals for a more inclusive world for those traditionally held aside by our society” as did the fallen at Normandy.

Paeth didn’t reach quite so far to find a defense for the stage crashers at DePaul but did struggle to find that elusive line between free speech and hate speech, even though the answer is simple enough.

That viewpoint doesn’t take into account the fragility of today’s safe spacers, though, does it?

Interrupting them? Or, more precisely, blowing whistles, making punching motions at their faces and stealing the microphones out of their hands to provide intellectual stimulation like, “Milo you got to go. Milo you got to go. Dump the Trump. Dump the Trump. I got all day.”

Yes, they would. How long is this exam anyway? We don’t have all day.

Go to the unemployment office and look for a bunch of people standing in a row. There, you’ve found the line. Congratulations.

It must be exhausting to have to fight off idiotic First Amendment trolls all day. Perhaps the Women’s Studies healing space would have been a better venue that Twitter in which to salve the butt-hurt.

No wonder the special snowflakes have taken over the DePaul campus.

While DePaul equates campus agitators with war heroes and searches for that elusive line defining the boundary of free speech, the school’s rating on Facebook is taking a beating. As of this writing, DePaul’s non-response to the threats has netted the school 8,000 “1” ratings on a 5 scale, compared to 147 5-star reviews.

Free speech is getting out of hand. How long before DePaul petitions Facebook to reset its rating in the name of protected speech?