One of the many dramatic images from Tuesday night’s rioting at a Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque is causing particular upset.

There is some good news to emerge from the riots: Albuquerque police want the public to know that rumors that the fallen horse had broken its leg and was euthanized are not true. The horse is fine, everybody. By the way, his name is Stryker and he’s devastatingly handsome.

Doing OK but worse off than the horse are several police officers who were hit by rocks and other projectiles. Fortunately, none required hospitalization.

Hardest hit by the rioting may very well have been the convention center where the Trump rally was held. Damage from protesters has been estimated at $10,000, on top of property damage done throughout the city.

Pictures from inside showed at least one entrance that was shattered, possibly with the help of a pellet gun, and had to be boarded up immediately. Police had to escort attendees through an alternate exit, explaining that the front entry wasn’t safe.

Police said Wednesday afternoon that they’re not done making arrests.

Speaking of police horses, earlier this year a protester was arrested after she screamed in the face of and then slapped a police horse at … a Donald Trump rally, of course, of course.

Though Stryker is fine, anyone who’d like to lend a hand to his unit is welcome to make a donation to his non-profit fund.