As Twitchy reported, Donald Trump came through with a donation to a veterans’ group Monday night after some prodding by a “nasty guy” from the Washington Post, even though he maintains he was under no obligation.

Crooked Hillary was behind this?

The news isn’t quite “just out” — The Daily Beast’s Tim Mak reported on the fun-size protest at Trump Tower earlier today, uncovering support provided courtesy of the Clinton campaign.

Mak reports:

At Monday’s protest, Marine veteran and Clinton supporter Alexander McCoy served as a spokesman for the demonstrators—and went to great lengths to hide the Clinton campaign’s involvement with organizing the demonstration.

“We’re not affiliated with any campaign, we’re not affiliated with any organization,” McCoy told reporters, saying the protesters used “grassroots organizing techniques, we came together over social media.”

Then, reached by phone after the event, McCoy acknowledged that the Clinton campaign organized the conference call bringing together possible attendees to the protest.

Mak adds that the initially evasive Clinton camp eventually acknowledged that it was “more than happy to lend some logistical support to the activists.”

Was it a spontaneous protest, or was it just some guys out for a walk one day who decided they’d go after Donald Trump? What difference at this point does it make? It not that surprising of a revelation, after all.

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