It would be news if Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos hadn’t been met by unruly protesters when he arrived to speak to a capacity crowd at DePaul University Tuesday evening as a guest of DePaul College Republicans and Turning Point USA; that’s standard operating procedure for the social justice warriors who can’t abide “hate speech” being allowed into their safe space.

Kyle Foley of Hypeline News has posted video of the protest.

Things got uglier than usual, though, when Black Lives Matters protesters made their way onto the stage.

The black dude, identified as Edward Ward, was recently the subject of a laudatory article in the school newspaper that profiled his work as a youth organizer and aspiration to one day become an Illinois state representative.

That’s a little too close for comfort. Way too close.

Where is security? Good question. With the event successfully hijacked, Yiannopoulos decided to lead his own counter-protest in the form of a march to the university president’s office. Matthew Paras of The DePaulian provided extensive coverage of the disruption.

Foley did happen to catch the next Melissa “I Need Some Muscle Over Here” Click on video as she approached to cover his camera lens and enforce the sanctity of the campus safe space.


Hear that, each and every single person pictured below? No video!

Congratulations, special snowflakes. Now no one will have to confront any uncomfortable ideas … except maybe one.


There’s currently a riot going on — literally — in Albuquerque outside of Donald Trump’s campaign rally, but video from the DePaul event is just as disturbing in principle, though at a much smaller scale.

That journalist is Jeremy Segal, also known as @RebelPundit. Legal Insurrection reports that Segal is the husband of Legal Insurrection author Anne Sorock and was outside filming protesters.