Back in February, President Obama kicked off his administration’s Summer Opportunity Project with a LinkedIn post recalling his first job scooping rock-hard ice cream, which he remembered as being “brutal on the wrists.”

The president is hoping his Summer Opportunity Project proposals, which will cost more than $20 billion, will match seasonal job opportunities with young people, in particular black and Hispanic teenage boys, whom the White House says lag behind their peers in summer employment.

Another hope is that employment will cut down on crime. “Too often, those idle summer months are when [young people] make mistakes that might get them in trouble with the law and set them down the wrong path,” wrote the president.

Top aide Valerie Jarrett recently reminded a job seeker on Twitter that yes, summer jobs are one of the president’s many, many No. 1 priorities.

Of course, the administration is counting on the private sector to provide those entry-level job opportunities while it also rolls out new rules on overtime pay and pushes for a $15 an hour minimum wage so that these teenage boys can support a family of four with dignity.

Will the president’s Summer Opportunity Project be as massive a success as his jobs council, which shut down in January 2013 after the president stopped attending due to having “a lot on his plate”?

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