At a recent commencement address, National Security Adviser Susan Rice echoed Sen. Bob Graham’s concern that America’s national security workforce is too “white, male, and Yale” and argued that a lack of diversity is making the nation less safe.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, himself a white, male Yale graduate, visited his alma mater Monday to preside over the school’s first ROTC commissioning ceremony in four decades, and in the process gave Americans every reason to believe their nation is all the more safe because of it.

Yale was among those Ivy League schools that kicked the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program off campus in the ’70s in protest of the Vietnam War. The program was reinstated in 2012, bringing some much-needed diversity to the school.

On Sunday, UN Ambassador Samantha Power addressed Yale’s entire graduating class at commencement, where she seemingly urged graduates to leave their safe spaces, much as first lady Michelle Obama told the class of 2015 at Oberlin — the same school where students would later demand the establishment of black-only safe spaces across campus.

Congratulations to Yale’s newly commissioned officers, who chose years ago on their own to leave their safe spaces behind.