Cancel whatever plans you had for the weekend, because you’re going to be glued to your seat in a movie theater, and it’s not because you’re sitting on the last guy’s melted Milk Duds. You’re there to see “Weiner,” and you won’t leave until you do.

If there’s one thing the public needs more of when it comes to political scandals, it’s nuance. Who could resist this pitch?

The end result, “Weiner ,” out Friday in limited release, might not be the comeback narrative that he was hoping for, but it is a fascinating verite exploration of a man trying to rise above his transgressions, a husband and wife dealing with public humiliation, and a culture that won’t let him move past any of it. And this is all while trying to hold on to some dignity and seriousness in his campaign to be mayor of New York City.

It sounds pretty heavy, but there are laughs to be had. The first one comes from reading that the documentary’s co-director, Josh Kriegman, had served as Weiner’s chief of staff before Weiner decided to get a grip, take control of his affairs and handle his staff himself.

Why they didn’t call it “The Adventures of Carlos Danger” we’ll never know.



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