As Twitchy reported Wednesday, Bernie Sanders accepted an invitation to a debate hosted by Fox News in advance of California’s Democratic primary June 7. The Sanders camp upped the pressure on Hillary Clinton to accept by reminding her that their campaigns had agreed in January to a final debate before Californians headed to the polls.

Fox News anchor Bret Baier tweeted Thursday afternoon that all of the arrangements have been made, and the network is simply waiting for Hillary Clinton to RSVP.

CNN’s Brian Stelter predicted that a debate on Fox News was “never gonna happen” because Clinton had nothing to gain from it, and she did seem to spend most of the day Thursday reminding Sanders she’s already won the nomination.

Well then. It seems everyone has gotten the message loud and clear, except for Sanders himself.

Bernie’s been getting a little feisty lately, defending his rowdy supporters in Nevada against charges that they have a “penchant for violence.” One final debate could actually be … not exciting, but probably not as sleep-inducing. Is Sanders desperate enough to finally take off the gloves?

Choosing to interrupt a debate to make a point of taking her side in her ongoing security review by the FBI wasn’t the smartest move, was it? At least he got a thank you before she started demanding that he tone it down as a precondition of further debates.

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