Something tells us that Donald Trump isn’t going to accuse Bill Clinton of being a Republican during an appearance with Sean Hannity Wednesday night, so Matt Drudge must be teasing something else.

What, too soon?

It’s been an ugly campaign for sure, but is it possible that Trump of all people is dragging ’90s relics Bill and Hillary into 2016? Some have theorized that Clinton has had trouble attracting young feminists who have been very vocal about campus rape culture and had their views reinforced by the current administration and its “It’s On Us” campaign. Whoopi Goldberg learned a similar lesson when she said Roman Polanski wasn’t guilty of “rape-rape” and vigorously cross-examined Bill Cosby rape accuser Beverly Johnson.

On the other hand are feminists like Jill Filipovic, who argued that people who bring up Bill Clinton’s “naughtiness” (Carol Costello’s term) are the real sexists.

So is Juanita Broaddrick a liar? If a woman says she was assaulted, believe her — right? Broaddrick suggested today that the New York Times spend the same amount of time investigating Bill Clinton’s past as it did digging up dirt on Trump.

Considering the Times has had decades to investigate the Clintons, that doesn’t seem likely.

Here’s an option; shame NBC News’ Katy Tur for tweeting Drudge’s headline.


The Clinton campaign responded to the Trump interview by accusing him of trying to changing the subject, while attempting to change the subject in the process.

For what it’s worth, it seems there’s still rape and there’s rape-rape. The rest of the media didn’t exactly light up Twitter in response, but journalists did either dip into the big bag of quotation marks or avoid the r-word.

Yeah, that whole thing.


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