Candidate Hillary Clinton and President Obama might disagree on his success as a job creator, but she was apparently impressed with his commencement speech at Rutgers, and one line in particular.

It’s not certain, then, if Clinton is just being the person top aide Huma Abedin described as “often confused” or she’s just ignorant of history.

In either case, Clinton hopped on the Hamilton hype train and praised Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton as politicians who worked together despite a mutual dislike, creating a government that is the envy of the world — and that her former boss felt he had to fundamentally transform.

Thanks to the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton is a hot property, and many people are now well informed about his life and death.

It was a workable partnership up until the whole shooting thing.

Maybe it’s time to drop this anecdote from the stump speech.

More precisely, the enemy she was most proud of making an enemy.

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