Vice president Joe Biden spent much of Wednesday trumpeting the Obama administration’s new rule doubling the pay threshold under which overtime kicks in. Biden kept things simple, saying that companies could either pay their workers overtime or cap their hours at 40.

The public seemed to have no problem understanding the new rule, predicting that employers would find plenty of other choices to adapt, resulting in the virtual elimination of entry-level management positions and advancement opportunities for those willing to put in the work to climb the ladder.

Just in case Biden didn’t dumb it down enough for public consumption, the U.S. Labor Department has released a cartoon to clarify the nuances of the new rule. In short: “If you work more, you should get paid more. It’s that simple.” Spoken like a true small business owner.

And wouldn’t a $30 an hour minimum wage be better than $15? It’s that simple.

To prove the new overtime rules are a win-win for everyone, the cartoon shows how “Sam” can spend extra time with his family now that his hours are capped. And when his employer downsizes to absorb the added cost of overtime pay, Sam will have all day, every day to spend at home (with the exception of the occasional trip to the unemployment office).

That’s good advice, considering how many entry-level salaried positions will no longer exist.

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