We’re guessing the school district in Colorado that reportedly suspended a 5-year-old girl has a strict “zero-tolerance” policy in place regarding weapon possession. No parent wants to send their child to school knowing he or she could be struck by an errant soap bubble and temporarily blinded.

Jaclyn Allen of 7NEWS in Denver, Colo., has an exclusive photo of the little girl’s gun.

On review, it does look as though the bubble gun is capable of full-auto fire of soapy projectiles, which would place it on the danger scale somewhere between the “gun” chewed out of a frosted Pop-Tart (that resulted in the suspension of a 7-year-old) and the pump-action marshmallow cannon that the president himself helped fire inside the White House.

Colorado might want to consider following the lead of other states that have had enough of “zero-tolerance” punishments:

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