Bernie Sanders didn’t seem to want to talk to NBC News’ Danny Freeman about the chaotic Nevada Democratic Convention held last Saturday. Sanders wasn’t there, but his supporters were accused of provoking fights, booing speakers who expressed support for Hillary Clinton, making death threats to party leaders, and writing threatening messages in chalk on the outside of the Democratic Party’s state headquarters the following day.

Instead, Sanders issued a lengthy written statement Tuesday afternoon in which he countered party leaders who accused his supporters of having a “penchant for violence” and laid out his case against them in a set of bullet points, accusing the party of using its power “to prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place.”

The Sanders campaign was most likely provoked by a statement released by the Nevada State Democratic Party, which included many bullet points of its own but boiled down the convention results to “simple math,” with the numbers not in Sanders’ favor.

While plenty are still feeling the Bern of frustration as Clinton seems to run away with the nomination while Sanders continues to win state after state in the popular vote, many thought the candidate’s statement was defiant, empathizing with the frustration of his supporters rather than condemning their behavior last weekend.

What did you expect? This is a candidate who has the enthusiastic support of a group called the “Raging Grannies.” That’s hardcore.

Some are hearing a dog whistle as well, when Sanders claims that there has been zero violence at his rallies, even those he was brave enough to hold in high-crime areas.


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