As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton on Sunday said that once she was inaugurated, she’d be putting husband Bill in charge of revitalizing the economy, despite her previous assurances that, under President Obama, the economy was better off, and “anyone who says otherwise is wrong.”

So, in which position would Bill serve on Hillary’s Cabinet? None, according to a report from her campaign appearance in Kentucky Monday. Maybe she’s learned not to let her campaign’s “secret weapon” into White House cabinets, closets, or other small, secluded places.

Apparently her denial that Bill would be part of her cabinet was made silently. ABC News reports that “Clinton ignored” repeated questions about what role he would serve in the White House, “but when asked if her husband would be in her Cabinet, she shook her head and mouthed, ‘No.'”

OK, did she say “No” or did she just mouth the word “No”? These are the Clintons we’re dealing with; one can’t be too careful.

What’s most frightening is just where she might put her husband to work in Washington if not the White House.


Campaigning for his wife in the Virgin Islands Monday, Bill Clinton said he’ll do whatever Hillary asks him to do, something he probably says a lot, just before doing whatever he feels like.

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