Coming from a candidate fighting for income equality, this is rich. In advance of today’s Nevada Democratic Party convention, Bernie Sanders issued a press release, available on his campaign website, calling for the state’s Democrats to unite in order to defeat Donald Trump and the GOP, a goal that would require “working together respectfully and constructively on Saturday.”

As Twitchy reported, “working together respectfully” was not on the agenda, as Sanders supporters booed Hillary Clinton supporter Barbara Boxer. For as many hours as the news networks devoted this week to the lack of unity in the GOP and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s summit with Trump, the chaos in Nevada Saturday was a keen reminder that all is not well among the Democrats either.

Pretty much.

They’re not going to let a minority of people disrupt the queen’s coronation? Burn.

But … fighting only happens at Trump rallies, right? At least former Ohio state senator and Sanders supporter Nina Turner will be able to placate the crowd.

What’s happening here? Could it be an ugly yet underreported fracture in the Democratic Party?

Update: Nina Turner says that she was shown “nothing but love” by fellow Sanders supporters during her speech.