While most of the week’s mainstream news coverage focused on the rift and subsequent summit between Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, this story about the mayor of Flint, Mich., slipped through largely unnoticed.

The news that Mayor Karen Weaver was accused of directing underlings to divert potential donors away from a charity called Safe Water/Safe Homes and instead to her “Karenabout Flint” PAC was reported by CNN, but it took the network an update or two to hint at Weaver’s political affiliation.

The Washington Examiner noted that “there is not a single mention in the story as it appeared originally on CNN’s website of the fact that Weaver is a Democrat. It wasn’t until later when the article received several revisions that Weaver’s political affiliation was included in the report.”

Even then, her party affiliation didn’t appear until the ninth paragraph of the story, and even there it was hinted at at best:

Weaver defeated a fellow sitting Democratic mayor in November by running on a platform of fighting for Flint residents who believed officials hadn’t done enough to protect them during the ongoing water crisis. Part of this plan was replacing several city employees.

Typical of most liberals upset about Flint’s water crisis, Michael Moore posed with a set of handcuffs and a sheet of paper reading #ArrestGovSnyder, a Republican, after declaring that a similar crisis wouldn’t happen in a “white city”.


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