Facebook is taking very seriously charges made by former contractors that topics of interest to conservatives were routinely suppressed on the site’s trending topics feed, while stories about Black Lives Matter, though not as popular, were ‘injected’ into the feed to bump up their visibility.

Facebook has denied any bias, and today Vice President of Global Operations Justin Osofsky posted an overview of the guidelines that direct Facebook’s Trending Topics team and explained why #lunch never seems to trend.

There’s something ironic about Facebook confirming that its news stories are tied to “the real world.” To ensure that happens, Osofsky writes that Facebook’s news editors check each story against a list of 1,000 trusted news sources — and yes, popular news satire site The Onion is on the list, as is comedy site Cracked and unintentionally comic site The Daily Kos.

Motherboard, however, writes that the posted list wasn’t quite up to date, and that Buzzfeed has replaced Yahoo News in the current list of Facebook’s most trustworthy news sites.

What’s that about there being only one side to news stories? Oh, that’s right — now we remember.

Whether Buzzfeed is totally liberally biased or only mostly liberally biased, would Mark Zuckerberg and staff even be able to tell the difference between that and straight news?

At least Facebook has apparently eased up on its alleged policy not to allow news stories about Facebook itself to trend.

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