The president is cranky that the Senate still hasn’t called a vote to confirm his Supreme Court nominee, so much so that the White House recently put together a cutesy video in which “Professor POTUS” walks them through “Supreme Court 101.”

Rep. Darrell Issa certainly doesn’t need the president to teach him constitutional law, and we might have found the reason he jumped a fence at RNC headquarters Thursday: he was excited to spread the news that the courts had dealt Obamacare another blow.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, though, had already heard the news that a judge had ruled for the House GOP, finding that the Obama administration requires Congress to appropriate any money it spends to pay insurers “cost sharing reduction payments.” Ryan called the ruling “an historic win for the Constitution and the American people.”

Sounds like Constitution 101 to us. Issa didn’t mince words in his statement, calling the ruling “proof positive that the Obama Administration is continuing in its blatant and willful disregard for the Constitution,” following seven-and-a-half years of continued overreach.

Is the House GOP’s victory America’s loss? Issa’s critics seem to think so.

So now activist judges are a bad thing?

Speaking of losers: