As Twitchy reported, chaos erupted at a shopping mall in Taunton, Mass., Tuesday evening when a man crashed his car through the entrance to a Macy’s and began stabbing people apparently at random before being shot and killed by an off-duty deputy sheriff.

More details of Arthur Darosa’s stabbing rampage were released Wednesday. According to the Associated Press, authorities say that Darosa, 28, suddenly drove off from his young daughter’s soccer practice Tuesday and tried to break into several homes, eventually invading a house and stabbing and killing an elderly mother and wounding her daughter, neither of whom he knew.

It was then that Darosa drove to the mall and continued his attacks until he was stopped by a single gunshot fired by Plymouth County Deputy Sheriff James Creed, who was off duty and dining at the restaurant where a pregnant waitress was stabbed and visual design teacher George Heath was killed.

Heath’s widow told WCVB her husband jumped into action after seeing Darosa attack a waitress inside the mall:

Rosemary Heath said she pushed the woman out of the way and grabbed the back of DaRosa’s shirt.

“My husband was struggling with him to get the knife away,” she said. “I think he went down low on him to get him around the elbows so he couldn’t raise his arm up, and then he pulled his arm back and then stabbed my husband in the head.”

George Heath, 56, later died.

Darosa’s family also spoke to the press, placing the blame for the incident on Morton Hospital, where Darosa had checked himself in Monday after his sister noticed him behaving erratically. The hospital shouldn’t have released him, they say.

For what it’s worth:

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