A portion of Sunset Boulevard was shut down Wednesday after an unidentified man climbed to the top of the KTLA tower and … did nothing. After two hours and with helicopters circling, police say they still have no idea who the man is or what he wants.

Naturally, KTLA is on top of (and underneath) the story.

Within the past half-hour, LAPD negotiators have managed to reach the man in an attempt to talk him down, but that appears only to have sent him further up.

It was only two months ago that rescuers were stumped by a man known only as #ManInTree who spent 25 hours at the top of an 80-foot tree in downtown Seattle.

It doesn’t look as though #ManOnTower is heading anywhere soon, besides further up.

The man has asked for something after all: water and a cell phone.

Seriously, though, let’s hope the negotiators are able to bring him down safely.

Update: Reports of a “jumper” on the KTLA tower were fortunately proved wrong.


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