Judging by her performance at Democratic debates, even Hillary Clinton herself seems to have trouble listing her accomplishments as secretary of state. She was thrilled today, though, when at a campaign stop in New Jersey she was reminded of her clean cookstove campaign, which pledged to dedicate up to $325 million to upgrade cookstoves in developing countries that allegedly emit harmful toxic fumes and are “an important contributor to climate change at the regional and global level.

There are plenty of reporters more than happy to tag along with Clinton on the campaign trail, but NBC News producer Monica Alba’s tweet was just a little too cozy for some to let go. Maybe she thought Clinton’s admission to having a heart was a scoop?

Alba is a model of restraint compared to New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall, whose contribution to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s grilling of Clinton on Benghazi was to commend her for the State Department’s clean cookstove initiative. Still, Fox News contributor Richard Grenell didn’t mince words.

Who isn’t?


There might be something to that allegation when even mild-mannered Bernie Sanders loses it on air.


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