As Twitchy reported, four San Francisco State University students calling themselves the Third World Liberation Front 2016 launched a hunger strike May 2 to protest what they claimed were budget cuts eliminating two positions in the Department of Africana Studies and to demand $8 million in funding for the school’s College of Ethnic Studies.

After the students announced their hunger strike via a press conference, provost Sue Rosser told reporters that the 2009 recession had affected funding for all departments, adding bluntly, “We don’t have $8 million.”

Ten days later, President Les Wong at last met with the hunger strikers’ “negotiating team” after issuing a statement Tuesday night urging them to end their strike and trust his commitment to “come to a resolution that ensures that the College of Ethnic Studies thrives in perpetuity.”

One striker was taken to the hospital Tuesday after complaining of chest pains.

The tent city the strikers and their supporters have erected on campus (against university rules) still stands, though, and spirits were lifted yesterday with a visit by actor Danny Glover, who was passing through on his way to introduce Bernie Sanders at a rally in Sacramento.

Better funding? They’ve been pretty clear about their demand for $8 million. The College of Ethnic Studies currently has an annual budget of $3.5 million, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

There’s no word yet if the hunger strike is over, but supporters are running out of room on their banner. Poor planning?