As Twitchy reported, Lady Gaga recently observed Mother’s Day by noting that “this country needs a mother” and pleading with Hillary Clinton to “be our mama.” That day is still a ways off, so we’ll have to be content for now to live under the care of President Obama, whom Chris Rock informed us “is like the dad of our country.”

Dad does his best, but the presidency isn’t a reality show, as he recently learned when sitting down for an interview with YouTube celebrity Ingrid Nilson. It turns out the president was behind the curve on the onorous tampon tax. “I have no idea why states would tax these as luxury items,” he admitted, unaware that some states were already ensuring that public school students and prison inmates had access to free tampons.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, the president took the occasion to urge the country to help the White House fill the country’s #DiaperGap.

No movement is complete until it reaches Capitol Hill, and this week poverty experts will bring their expert testimony to D.C.

Do we really need to make free diapers (not to mention the tampon tax) a federal issue? Apparently so, but that isn’t stopping states from moving ahead with their own legislation. California, for one, is getting poised to fill its own diaper gap.

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