As Twitchy reported Monday night, Fox News reporter James Rosen claimed on air that a question he raised in 2013 to then-State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki regarding the Iran deal talks had been excised from the department’s video archives.

While Planned Parenthood hired its own choice of forensic examiner to perform a frame-by-frame analysis of a series of “heavily edited” undercover sting videos, the edit in the video Rosen aired was hardly subtle, with a bright white flash appearing where his question and Psaki’s incriminating answer should have appeared. Check it out below:

The State Department has looked into the issue and today, Elizabeth Trudeau explained to reporters that the missing footage was the result of a “glitch.”

The Washington Examiner’s Pete Kasperowicz reports:

“When Fox flagged it for us, we actually replaced it” with video from another source, [Trudeau] said.

When pressed, Trudeau said State wasn’t aware of any other videos that might have been subject to similar glitches, but said officials are looking more closely at it.

“We’re looking into it, genuinely, we think it was a glitch,” she said.

But those answers may not satisfy skeptics of the Iran nuclear deal, some of whom suspect that the video was edited on purpose to remove Psaki’s comments that indicate the administration may have lied about when the Iran talks began.

So, the surgical removal of the one question that seemingly proved the Obama administration lied about when talks began with Iranian leaders regarding their nuclear program — a topic that just happens to have been in the news lately following a New York Times interview with Ben Rhodes — was the result of a glitch.

You might remember when French President Francois Hollande’s audio suddenly cut out as he mouthed the words, “Islamist terrorism” during a meeting with President Obama. That too was attributed to a “technical issue with the audio,” which was magically restored after the Media Research Center publicized the apparent edit.

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