Hordes of Twitter conservatives today advised Sen. John Thune to “stay the hell away” from an investigation into Facebook and the methods it uses to manipulate which news stories trend and which are suppressed. That’s not the Senate’s job, they argued.

Cut to the New York State Senate, where legislators are currently considering ticket reform laws that would put ticket scalpers and their automated “ticket-bots” out of business. Award-winning musical “Hamilton” — we don’t have the space here to list all of the accolades — is one of those must-see Broadway events that no one can afford to see, with tickets available only on the second-hand market starting at well over $1,000 a seat.

State Sen. Daniel Squadron took the floor today and laid out his argument in favor of ticket reform in a “Hamilton” inspired rap. If you either like or dislike rap, or have ears, or keep pets in the house, consider this your trigger warning.

Revolution? Your move, Bernie Sanders.

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