Most Americans have probably taken down their “National Reentry Week” decorations by now, but the Obama administration’s all-out effort to rebalance the racial makeup of America’s prison population by commuting the unfairly harsh sentences of non-violent drug offenders and easing their transition into society continues.

President Obama announced in April that his administration’s reentry program included “taking steps to ensure that applicants with a criminal history have a fair shot to compete for a federal job” and “calling on businesses to commit to hiring returning citizens who have earned a second chance.”

It seems that the liberals who run Austin, Texas were torn between their desire to punish successful, innovate businesses and heed the Obama administration’s call to “Ban the Box” that asks job applicants if they have ever been convicted.

When successful ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft balked at new rules mandating more strict hiring practices, Democrats followed their hearts (as always) and demanded that Austin say “No” to “corporate rule.”

Besides, Austin already has cab service and plenty of bike lanes.

USA Today reported that Uber and Lyft suspended service in Austin Monday morning in response to the city’s requirement that drivers be fingerprinted, above and beyond the services’ own background checks. So, while drivers who had passed background screenings would be fingerprinted by the city, the federal government and cities like Austin were doing their legal best to keep convicts from having to reveal their criminal history on job applications.

Twitchy regular Iowahawk raked Austin Mayor Steve Adler over a hot solar panel for helping drive Uber and Lyft out of town.

No, Austin tried that. The city needs to be even more innovative and creative, if that’s even possible.

This actually would count as innovative, creative thinking in Austin:

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