It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to take a step back from the #TrumpTrain vs. #NeverTrump feud, relax, and point and laugh as the #NeverHillary movement plagues the woman who had her promised coronation delayed for eight years by the man her husband said would have been fetching him and Ted Kennedy coffee just a few year earlier. We love the sight of blue-on-blue.

The last we’d checked in with David Sirota, the International Business Times senior editor had just been blocked by Hillary for America spokesperson Karen Finney after getting under her skin. It’s time to hit the concession stand for a refill, because today Sirota is unloading on President Obama. Ironically, he picked Obama’s entreaty to students not to shut down people with whom they disagree.

We never forgot, and it’s OK for the left to acknowledge that Clinton is and always has been scary now that Bernie Sanders has flanked her on the left.

Donald Trump is now officially “Dangerous Donald” to the Dems, and it looks as though President Obama’s fresh new honorary doctorate has earned him a new nickname as well.

The president put boots on the ground after promising he wouldn’t? How’d we miss that? Oh wait, we didn’t.

Is it getting conservative in here, or is it just us?



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