Parents across the country sent their high school students out the door Friday with the hope they’d score a 5 on the College Board’s AP U.S. American History exam. If they blew it, don’t blame yourself, and don’t blame them; blame “Hamilton” creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda for not doing more. He tweeted Friday morning that he did all he could …

The widely accepted scientific consensus is that every American loves the smash hit Broadway musical “Hamilton,” which has won every prize that exists and even some that don’t yet, and it is heavily favored to win the Kentucky Derby Saturday evening. Still, Twitchy did manage to expose some curmudgeonly holdouts who aren’t buying into the “Hamilton” hype. (We wanted to buy our way in to a showing tonight, but Ticketmaster informs us it would cost somewhere between 70 and 105 Tubmans.)

Regardless, it’s time for the much-maligned millennials to pass the torch to “the first generation of kids for whom Hamilton exists.” We’re thinking something along the lines of “Hamiltons,” although it might cause some confusion with Hamiltons, which the creator of “Hamilton” helped save from becoming Tubmans.

He could try, but no one would be able to figure out the time signature without crying.

This is no country for old men.


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