Great moments in schadenfreude:

No, we don’t really believe Tim Robbins had anything to do with Hillary Clinton gobbling up four (!) of Guam’s seven delegates in Democratic caucuses there Saturday. Still, it’s amusing to think that the actor and Bernie Sanders super-fan turned off quite a few potential Berners with his dismissal of Clinton’s utterly crushing 74‑26 landslide in South Carolina as the equivalent of “winning Guam.”

That’s gotta burn.

Robbins quickly apologized, saying he meant no disrespect to the voters of South Carolina and Guam, faulting ABC News for taking his remarks out of context. Sanders himself helped dig the whole deeper when he admitted to getting “murdered” in the Deep South, which he conceded was obviously going to vote for Clinton regardless.

Robbins won’t care, then, that Clinton destroyed Sanders in Guam Saturday by an almost 60‑40 margin or, more precisely, 777 votes to 528.

Robbins couldn’t vote in Guam, but the following ballot is open to the general public until Sunday.

There is, of course, a down side worth noting: Hillary Clinton won Guam.

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