While millions are encouraged by the fact that the presumptive Republican nominee isn’t a career politician, Donald Trump does seem to share their tendency to play off of the crowd in the room without regard to how things will look or sound later, out of context.

Hillary Clinton’s impression of a barking dog, for example, was a hit with her audience, a reminder of her age, and a gift to her critics, as was Trump’s pantomime of a miner shoveling coal at a rally Thursday night.

Anyone else see the resemblance?

Scoff if you must, but along with the hard hat, Trump did win the endorsement of the West Virginia Coal Association, although even he acknowledged that Hillary Clinton didn’t provide much competition for that prize.

Michael Dukakis, now 82, will never live down his joyride in that tank, which must really sting now that Trump has managed to mime shoveling coal and reminisce about hairspray to great applause.

Did Trump actually manage to sew up the pro-coal and the pro-Aqua Net vote simultaneously? No wonder Rick Perry said he was talented.