It’s very likely that President Obama himself will dig into a taco bowl at a Cinco de Mayo reception being held in the East Room of the White House this afternoon. What’s obvious is the president is having a good time with his guests, who reportedly broke into a chant of “four more years” during his remarks.

The president who never stopped campaigning must have hated that. We can’t confirm if the chanting crowd had lubricated their vocal cords before the president arrived at the event or if they were waiting for the executive go-ahead to imbibe.

We’re thankful for the first lady for at least one thing; she apparently holds veto power stronger than that defined in the Constitution, which has repeatedly compelled her husband to clarify to his fan base that he’s not a king or an emperor — he just has a very powerful pen and phone.

To be fair, today’s reception was about fun, not politics, with the obvious exception of the nakedly political part.

What’s stopping her? FLOTUS? Besides, be careful what you wish for.