Four San Francisco State University students with strong convictions and unnerving stares recently wrapped up the first 24 hours of their hunger strike on behalf of the school’s College of Ethnic Studies, and a rally to show support for their cause is scheduled for Tuesday evening.

The hunger strike began at noon Monday.

If we had to pick a favorite protest sign for a college demonstration, it’s this one:



The hunger strikers, who are calling themselves the Third World Liberation Front 2016, are demanding that the university allocate $8 million to allow the College of Ethnic Studies at the school to “not only sustain itself but thrive.” On Monday, after the students called a press conference to announce their hunger strike, provost Sue Rosser told reporters, “We don’t have $8 million.”

The annual budget for the Ethnic Studies department is around $3.5 million, reports the San Francisco Examiner, and Rosser says all of the colleges at SFSU have been underfunded since the recession in 2009. “I can only reiterate that we are not cutting the budget of Ethnic Studies as we have said repeatedly.”

Their rights to … do what, exactly?

The Board of Trustees of the California State University system is considering a tuition hike, which would be the first in almost five years.

… and then they can all be unemployed and hungry together.