In other news Tuesday night, voters in Indiana delivered Hillary Clinton another blow to her ego by handing the state to Bernie Sanders. It might not mean much when it comes to closing the delegate gap, but you just know Clinton is seething that some old guy with his flashers on keeps swerving in front of her no matter which lane she picks, right, left, or center.

Is this an endorsement?

Of course not: it’s settled science that climate change — that is, environmental inequality, or environmental violence being inflicted disproportionately on people of color — is the most pressing issue facing the country.

Seems the spry old fellow who won’t stay down is anxious for another debate; that is, as long as he concedes to his opponent’s standing demand that he “tone it down” and not run any negative ads against her.

We don’t like to see Grandma and Grandpa fight … well, actually, we kind of do. And if Clinton flubs a question, she can always say she misspoke.

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