As Twitchy reported, anarchists celebrated May Day in Seattle Sunday night by destroying property and injuring at least five police offices, all while recording each other’s brave stand against capitalism on their iPhones.

That was then, and this? This is “Socialism Sucks” day — and it’s not confined to Seattle, thanks to the efforts of Turning Point USA.

There are no reports yet of Molotov cocktails being seized or police cars being trashed. Supporters are carrying #SocialismSucks signs, though, that remind us of someone’s campaign logo. Probably a coincidence.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk found at least one college professor who complained to the higher ups that his safe space was being violated. And yes, his name really is Fidel.

Hypeline reports that Creighton University English professor Dr. Fidel Fajardo-Acosta sent emails to colleagues expressing his concerns about Turning Point USA inciting “acts of political persecution and racist, threatening harassment.”

  • How can a group that has engaged in open and blatant violations of the most elementary expectations of student conduct act with perfect impunity and even find vocal supporters among certain faculty?
  • How can the office of the President acknowledge and politely answer the communications of the partisans of such a group and systematically ignore and leave unanswered communications from those objecting to the operations of that group?
  • How can the University tolerate the activities on our campus of a group that promotes the ownership and use of guns, especially at a time when campus massacres are becoming common at schools in our country?
  • How can a group without official recognition incite acts of political persecution and racist, threatening harassment against a faculty member and get away with it without even a reprimand from the administration?

Vocal supporters among certain faculty? Goodness gracious! We can think of a couple of constitutional amendments that answer at least two of the esteemed professor’s questions.

Can we just admit that, for places overwhelmingly run and staffed by progressives, college campuses are some of the worst offenders on the income inequality scale? It’s nice to see some students who have resisted the indoctrination efforts of their educators.


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